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$3500 Jazz Kit vs $50 Rock Kit

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3 Videos in 3 Weeks - https://the8020drummer.com/youtube-low

Yes, it's another gear review.

But this one was burning hot. Because the comment people leave most reliably is some version of "you should change your snare head" or "how come you haven't changed those heads since the '60s?"

Because it's not my kit.

I own a kit. It's one that I got back in 2003 for more money than I'd ever spent on anything. The idea was this would last me a lifetime, and, so far, it has. (It'll probably need a hardware retrofit eventually though.)

When I used to teach in a larger studio space, I would leave the cherry Gretsch set up, but ever since I moved to the smaller one, I have to move the house kit and set the Gretschs up, then tear them down every time, and I got lazy.

So I've spend the bulk of the last 2 years playing Kit B - the kit everyone sees in the lessons, the kit I affectionately call Ugly Delicious. Because I've heard worse.

And the $50 price is probably hyperbole. A similar kit in better condition currently lists for $170.

And big, deep Tamas are the "workhorse" of New York City clubs. Club owners are not going to spend four figures on a delicate jazz kit. They're going to spend next-to-nothing on a brute.

The Rockstar's not a Ferrari. It's not trying to be. It's an early '80s Volvo. A beast.

So you might be wondering, how does each kit perform under a variety of conditions?

That's why Your Boy is here. Enjoy the lesson.

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