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Beginner Jazz Dance Tutorial: "We Are Family" by Groovy 69

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Full Tutorial: https://danceadtc.vhx.tv/

Learn this Beginner Jazz Dance Tutorial to "We Are Family" by Groovy 69, choreographed by Megan K! If you’re a dancer, we know it’s not easy to stay creatively inspired when it comes to dance routines. Join world-class dance teachers & choreographers from ADTC's dance camps at DanceADTC TV for on-demand dance tutorials & courses to help you stay inspired & connected from home: https://danceadtc.vhx.tv/

American Dance Training Camps ("ADTC") operates overnight dance camps for girls ages 8 - 17 nationwide. Request your free ADTC dance camp brochure here: https://bit.ly/2pq9bkh

Learn more about ADTC locations:
ADTC ULTIMATE Green Mountains, Vermont: https://bit.ly/2LlQ9SC
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Looking for a custom dance routine choreographed by Megan (or another amazing ADTC Choreographer)? Request custom dance choreography, delivered online via video: https://bit.ly/2x5yKLf

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More About Us:
American Dance Training Camps (“ADTC”) offers the ULTIMATE overnight dance camp for girls ages 8 - 17 in beautiful locations nationwide. At ADTC, you'll participate in four one-hour dance classes each weekday, Monday through Friday. Classes are taught by our professional dance choreographers. Read bios here:

The core dance disciplines you'll take are contemporary, hip hop and jazz (styles of jazz vary and may include Broadway, Lyrical or Modern). Elective dance classes include ballet (beginning or intermediate), tap and world dance (examples may be Latin, Afro, Capoeira, Bollywood, etc).

No matter what your dance level or background, our dance curriculum is designed to challenge you. You'll be organized into groups by age and ability so you can learn at an appropriate speed.

And there's a lot more than dance happening at American Dance Training Camps! At ADTC you can enjoy awesome activities like stand-up paddle board, paintball, horseback riding, swimming, ice skating, ropes course, beach trip, kayaking, girl's night out, zip lining & more!

And if all that isn't enough...free time choices include taking an elective dance class, arts & crafts, socializing in the ADTC Canteen, working on dance steps with instructors, watching movies, or just relaxing in your room.

For the REAL insider’s look at our dance camps, check out our Instagram pics & videos - our handle is @danceadtc

So we hope you’ll come make new friends, learn cool moves and have a BLAST with our celebrity dance staff this summer! Questions? Call 866-383-ADTC (2382) or email Info@DanceADTC.com.

Thanks for watching!

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Visit our Website: https://www.americandancetrainingcamp.com/

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