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"Butter Building" (Kirby's Adventure) LIVE Jazz Cover // J-MUSIC Pocket Band

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Our live cover of "Butter Building" from Kirby's Adventure, originally composed by Jun Ishikawa. This arrangement by Max Boiko.

You know that feeling you got when you were a kid back in the day and you actually looked forward to waking up at 7am on your Saturday off from school, just to get a bowl of cereal and play your favorite video game? Yeah, that's the kind of nostalgic emotion this song has to us. There's not much to say about this one, except for the fact that all this Kirby music has us exploring the true upper limits of our creativity and musicianship when it comes to instrumentation. This beautiful piece from Kirby's Adventure features Ben Rosenblum on accordion, shredding as always, and Jake Chapman on marimba, who, throughout the session, truly provides the sound of this music with his 16-bit arpeggio re-creations. And then there's Max, as well, who not only solos here, but gets his first arranging credit with the band! He actually helped out a lot with this music, and half of the arrangements are by him. More to come like this! Poyo!


Pocket Band now has a new home in New York City! We're hosting VGM+ (vgm and more) jazz jam sessions at Black Cat LES every 1st Sunday of the month. If you're a musician, bring your axe, and if you're not a musician, bring your DS, Switch, or your good vibes! Everyone is welcome. We want to make this a nice haven for J-culture lovers and music lovers alike. Go to our official Facebook group below for more info!

**NYC Official VGM Jams (Group):

Patrick Bartley (@patbartmusic) - Clarinet
Max Boiko (@maxboikomusic) - Trumpet
Jake Chapman (@chappymilkshake) - Marimba
Benjamin Rosenblum (@benrosenblummusic) - Accordion
Wallace Stelzer (@the_first_jazzvenger) - Acoustic Bass
Norman Edwards (@normanedwardsdrums) - Drums

----Download our FREE Demo (or donate and support the band)! -- http://pocketband.bandcamp.com
----"Time To Play" J-MUSIC Ensemble debut album -- http://bit.ly/timetoplayalbum

info@jmusicband.com (ATTN: Patrick)

Be a part of the J-MUSIC Alliance:

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