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How to Use Chromatic Ideas in Jazz Licks The Right Way

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Chromaticism is a huge part of Jazz. In this video, I am going to take a look at some great examples of chromatic jazz licks or phrases from Charlie Parker, Pat Metheny, Doug Raney, Pat Martino, and George Benson. All the examples are great ideas when it comes to chromatic phrases and also quite different takes on how to work with it.

I am sure you can get some great ideas from this, I know that I did.

My other videos on using passing tones and chromatic enclosures:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Jazz licks from Charlie Parker, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Doug Raney, and Pat Martino
0:33 Charlie Parker Lick - #1 Connecting Jazz Chord Tones
1:50 Lick # 1 Slow
1:54 Pat Martino - #2a Chromaticism with a Pedal Point
2:35 #2b Chromatic Enclosure
3:04 Exercise for Chromatic Enclosures
3:23 Lick #2 Slow
3:27 George Benson - #3 Pentatonic Chromaticism
4:53 Lick #3 Slow
4:59 Doug Raney - #4 Bebop Chromaticism
5:41 Creating lines from a skeleton with added chromatic phrases
6:15 Lick #4 Slow
6:31 Pat Metheny #5 Outside Chromatic Notes
7:00 Bebop Ala Metheny
8:20 Lick from Solar with Parallel Thirds
8:43 Lick #5 Slow
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