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Jazz Improv on Bossa Novas and Brazilian Standards | Jazz Guitar Lesson

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Jazz Improv on Bossa Novas and Brazilian Standards | Jazz Guitar Lesson

Link to associated blogpost:

00:00 Introduction
2:41 Single Motif Through One Scale
11:30 Single Motif Starting on an Absolute Note
13:42 Single Motif Starting on a Relative Note
15:45 Putting it All Together - Short Demo
16:49 Origin Story
20:07 Long Demonstration - Full Tune

Hi all!

Today's lesson is all about how to play on bossa novas. You can't changerun like you would on a bebop tune or any other high octane standard. Bossas are melodic, harmonic, and meant to be played with expression!

What are some tools we can get under our belt to do that? That's exactly what we'll cover in this video.

In this first part, we will learn to play from the melody by taking a portion of it and running it through through a scale on each degree, for each change in the tune.

Afterwards, we'll cover a similar exercise, but playing the motif from an absolute starting point.

Lastly, we'll play the motif from a relative scale degree for each change in the tune!

Stay tuned at the end for a great story about these practice techniques and how they came to be, as well as a demonstration of how incorporating this into your improv is going to look like, and how it can make your playing sound truly evocative.

Be sure to check out the accompanying blog post for this lesson, where you can download the full practice materials in PDF form:

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